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UK-based design and manufacturing team

We’re RentalSpec, and we design and create all sorts of material handling and warehouse solutions and equipment.

Whether you’re looking for trucks and trolleys to smoothly transport goods across your warehouse floor, or stillages for storing and stacking items, we can create products to your exacting specifications.

We’re different from other material handling manufacturers. Our team is based in Cardiff, South Wales, and all of our products and materials are meticulously designed and created in the UK. Due to being completely UK-based, this means our customers face no hefty delays waiting for parts from overseas.

Although we are a UK-based company, we will happily accommodate orders from across the world. We’ve worked with clients in the US, in the Netherlands and more, and will ensure your products are delivered to you with the utmost care.

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Why choose RentalSpec to design and manufacture your products?

We have a strong and experienced team of designers and manufacturers who will help you every step of the way in creating your products. Our team draws up your designs, allowing you to have the flexibility to make these orders as specific as you require.

With a specialised background in CAD technology, we can aid your development process. And with our experience in manufacturing and product introduction too, not only will we bring your designs to life, we will also help you introduce them to the market.

We are specialists in a range of product design categories. From stillage design, to designing warehouse trolleys and metal cage storage, we can create the perfect product for you.

There are three stages to the design and manufacturing process before your product is ready to be used.

Before we can begin drawing up any designs for your product solutions, we will initially chat about your product ideas with you. This is where we can discuss how specific your product needs to be, and our experienced designers will make this bespoke order for you.

For example, for a stillage design, we want to know what you need; what the precise requirements are, and what you’ll be using it for. This will give our designers as much guidance as possible so we can assure your product is fit for purpose. If any design or patent issues arise, this is when we will have these conversations with you.

We will also help you to assess the market potential, if you are looking to sell your product further down the line. Our mechanical design engineers will then consider the accuracy, safety and quality of your product. We will work collaboratively with you throughout the process so that all your design requirements are met.

Find out why we’re different from other material handling manufacturers and get in touch to discuss your next project.

What to expect when you work with RentalSpec

Working with us couldn’t be simpler. In just four easy steps we bring your simple ideas to life.

Starting with the concept as step one, our designers will turn your ideas into a sketch as step two. Step three involves our team creating well-crafted prototypes for you to inspect and analyse, and step four is the serial production run.

It’s as easy as that! So if you only have a basic idea of what you might need, our experienced team has the capability of still turning this into a reality.

If you have a problem that you need solving - such as struggling to move heavy materials, our team will work with you to establish how we can best create a product that will solve this problem. In this example, we would probably recommend some form of heavy-duty pallet truck, but we’d continue to work with you to ensure that the dimensions and heavy-lifting ability of the truck would be sufficient.

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What’s the process for ordering products from RentalSpec?

At the end of the day, we want you to come away with products you are incredibly happy with, ones that help you team work efficiently and effectively.

Get in touch with us

Firstly, we are delighted that RentalSpec is your chosen manufacturer for designing your material handling equipment project. You can get in touch with us in whatever way is easiest for you, either by phone or through the contact form on our website.

Let us know what you need

Once you’ve got in contact with us, one of our friendly experts will soon be in touch to discuss your proposed project in further detail. This will include everything from shapes and sizes, materials, budget and quantity of final products you are after.

We’ll create the prototype(s)

Once our experts have created the initial design we will meticulously manufacture a prototype. We do this so you can test it out at your workplace, ensure you are happy with it and we can make any final adjustments if necessary. Only when you are completely satisfied will we go away and manufacture the final product or products.

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What kind of products can we design and manufacture?

We design and manufacture all types of material handling equipment. Our extensive experience and skills means we can create products to suit your needs.

Warehouse Trolleys

Warehouse work is one of the most labour intensive forms of work out there, and so we design and manufacture trolleys which help your team work safer and more efficiently. We have designed and created heavy duty trolleys for some of the biggest online retailers in the UK, and can build trolleys that can carry even the heaviest of loads and navigate narrow aisles and uneven ground.

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Sheet Metal Fabrication

Stillages work like metal cages on wheels, and help to effectively transport and store goods safely. They’re often made of the durable metal steel, and can even be designed to be stackable so that they can save precious space whilst not in use. We can design stillages to your exact requirements and so can include extra features such as hatches and ramps so that you can use them to their full potential.

Our fabrication services
Industrial Trucks and Trolleys

This covers a broad range of trucks and trolleys which are incredibly durable: think barrel trolleys, board trolleys or even a-frame trolleys.

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Find out more about the types of picking trolleys we can create for your business.

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