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Our UK-based team of specialist engineers, fabricators and designers don’t rely on products or parts from abroad. This means we can deliver your bespoke solution quickly, easily, and without delays.

We accommodate bespoke and bulk orders of all our solutions.
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About RentalSpec

Our aim

Made in the UK, made to last, and in many cases made bespoke to your specific needs, we have specialist engineers, fabricators and designers who deliver product solutions to suit you.

Our original mission was to supply the UK equipment rental and construction industry with warehouse solutions and fleet products that would withstand the rigours of repeated rental.

Today, we continue to deliver well crafted and durable products to the construction industry, but we’ve also evolved and expanded to provide products to a wide range of industries.

Whether your sector is retail, transport and logistics, industry and manufacturing, or food and beverage delivery, using sheet metal fabrication we can provide the metal products you need.

Today, we continue to strive to improve upon existing solutions by increasing their:

Ease of maintenance
Cost efficiency

Our expertise

Our expertise is in producing solid, reliable and solid warehouse solutions, including warehouse trolleys, metal stillages, metal cage storage, and shelving.

This experience has allowed us to branch out to many sectors. We provide for the transport and logistics, manufacturing, retail, and construction industries, and use sheet metal fabrication to create bespoke products.

Our speciality has always been providing solutions that can be made suitable for your specific needs. We take your ideas and aims, combine them with our expertise and experience, and turn them into reality. All bespoke logistic and warehouse solutions are produced in our own factory facilities.

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To order your bulk or bespoke order, discuss our warehouse solutions or find out more about our sheet metal fabrication process, call our team on 029 2045 0128.

We’re open Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm. If you wish to contact us outside of those areas, please fill out an enquiry and we'll endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible. It’s as easy as this:

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Design & Manufacture

As experienced designers and manufacturers, we have the capability to take your ideas from a simple sketch to production, and result in a well-crafted finished product.
All our products are designed by the Rentalspec team, rather than outsourced. 

When creating your product solutions, we go the extra mile to ensure you’re happy with your design. With our background in sheet metal fabrication combined with our fully-equipped UK-based factory, we produce working prototypes in quick time for your appraisal and evaluation. 

You are encouraged to take these prototypes away with you for inspection and evaluation before deciding on a finalised design.

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Stillages & Cages

As part of our warehouse solutions, our UK-made range of metal stillages and mesh cages includes, glass handling A-frame stillages, storage cages, parcel cages, material stillages, and metal bins. Our years of experience in steel stillage fabrication means we can offer the best advice as well as the best products. 

Our range of stillages and cages can be made bespoke to suit your specific product handling needs without hassle, and these products can be provided as standard or to integrate with your existing handling systems.

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Trucks & Warehouse Trolleys

Our accredited reputation has been built on designing and delivering innovative, bespoke and sturdy products that last. Our aim has always been to provide warehouse solutions that aid the movement and handling of heavy goods and products, and our extensive range of warehouse trolleys, trucks and dollies, available at Bluetrolley, promises the highest quality every time. 

Working in our UK-based factory, we have the capability to accommodate all types of requests, and orders can be made bespoke to fit your needs. This includes both small orders as well as supplying a large volume of products, depending on your requirements. 

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Our process


Get in touch with your idea or problem to solve.


Agree on an outline design or concept.


Build prototypes.


Serial production run.
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We provide service for all business sizes.

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We provide service for all business sizes.

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