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Handling heavy loads and moving them from one placeto another isn’t the easiest of jobs. For this reason, good quality picking trolleys are vital to warehouse environments in order for the safetransportation of goods. 

RentalSpec’s bespokeorder picking trolleys can be used to carry all sorts of items.What makes them so unique is their ability to safely transport delicate items,or those which due to their shape or size cannot be stacked.

Order picking trolleystraditionally have one or more shelves,some of which are fixed and some can be removed completely when necessary. Theyare used for picking and packing stockin a whole host of environments. Depending on the environment, these usefulpieces of kit can also be designed with extra features such as ladders or steps. 

Our high quality pickingtrolleys are used in warehouses across the globe, and we are suppliers to some of the world’s leadingonline retailers. They are built to last by our experts, made only from thefinest materials sourced right here in the UK. They will make your team’s lifeeasier and safer and will stand the test of time, making them a fantasticinvestment for your business.

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What are the three common variants of picking trolleys?

As we mentioned, these come in all shapes and sizesto match the changing needs of retail, warehouse and factory environments. At RentalSpec we can create any type of trolley you need, these are just a selection of the trolleys we can produce. If you would like to find out more, one of our experts would be happy to help. Contact our team today.

Mobile Shelf Trolleys

Shelf trolleys are exactly as they sound; each has avariety of shelves which are either fixed or can be adjusted to differentheights. This makes them excellent for storing and carrying a wide variety ofproducts, at a height that is suitable for different employees. Many can have theshelves removed on occasions where larger items need to be transported.

Tote Box Trolleys

Tote boxes are a mainstay of environments such ashospitals and sorting offices. This is because the boxes themselves can beinterchanged, making loading and unloading a simple and easy manoeuvre. We canmake bespoke tote box trolleys to fit whatever size box you need, and they cancarry more than one at a time.

Table Platform Trolleys

Multiple platform trolleys are a lifesaver in the warehouse environment. This is because theycan be used both as a moving trolley for transporting objects and can be usedas a stationery table for carrying out other tasks on the surface. They can befitted with brakes to ensure user safety while the trolley is stationery.

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What are the different features of a picking trolley and what are their benefits for material handling?

Picking trolleys are made to make your life easier when transporting and sorting through goods, and we ensure that every single trolley that leaves our workshop is manufactured to the highest standards to ensure they stand the test of time.

Steps and Ladders

As we all know, warehouse environments can involvehigh shelves that employees will need to reach. Safety and efficiency areparamount, so it is beneficial for your team to be able to reach these tallitems safely. We can design picking trolleysat a variety of heights with the added additions of steps and ladders in order for them towork quickly and safely.

Wheels: All Terrain

Trolleys are used in all sorts of environments. Perhaps your team needs to load up trolleys on smooth, concrete floors in the warehouse but then wheel them out into anuneven car park? Our picking trolleyscan be designed for all sorts of environments and terrains so that your teamcan use them wherever with confidence.

Additional features: tote boxes, adjustable shelves

Picking trolleys aren’t a one size fits allscenario. They can be designed with additional, removable features depending onwhat your business needs. This could be adjustable shelves, removable bags ordifferent load capacities.

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Example Product: Mobile Adjustable Shelf Trolley

At RentalSpec, we have the skills and the knowhow toproduce warehousesolutions of all shapes and sizes and that includes picking trolleys. An example of one wecould create for you is our mobile adjustable shelf trolley. 

Perfect for use in any setting from warehouses to factories, this shelf trolleyhas a frame that is caged on three sides and open on one. The multipleadjustable shelves mean that it can carry objects of all shapes and sizes. Theshelves can even be completely removed should the situation call for it. It hastwo fixed and two swivel castors so it can be easily transported around theworking environment. What’s more, it has a fully rounded handle for increasedcomfort for the operator.

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What else do we manufacture?

We’re experts at creating all types of material handling equipment.

Dollys and Pallet Skates

Pallet skates are designed to effortlessly transport pallets of different goods. Effectively the same as flat boards, they are ideal for moving heavy machinery safely and efficiently around the workplace.

These products can be used in various environments, such as removal companies, hopitals and retail warehouses.

Bespoke Dollys & Pallet Skates
Flatbed Trolleys

Flatbed trolleys are an incredibly effective tool for transporting goods arouns workplaces including warehouses, factories and more. These simple yet heavy duty trolleys can vary in design but are mostly known for their flat surface (AKA the flatbed) to stack or place your goods, four wheels underneath and a handle for the user to push and steer from.

Bespoke Flatbed Trolleys
Sack Trucks

Sack trucks are designed to carry heavy, bulky sacks quickly and easily. These types of trucks are often made to fold away neatly when not in use, saving you valuable warehouse storage space. As bespoke sack truck manufacturers, we understand that every organisation is unique so we can design sack trucks to suit your individual needs.

Bespoke Sack Trucks
Platform Trucks

Platform trucks are one of the most common types of warehouse trolleys. Typically made of a metal such as steel, with a flat deck and 4 wheels. They can also have caged sides. We can create a bespoke solution for you and your team, available in all shapes and sizes, and built to withstand the heaviest of loads.

Bespoke Platform Trucks