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Warehouse Trucks and Trolleys

Warehouse work is a labour-intensive operation –that’s why it’s so important to have effective, long-lasting trucks and trolleys that can help your team do their job safely and efficiently.

 These trucks and trolleys come in all shapes and sizes and can be made of many types of metal. We generally favour aluminium and stainles ssteel as they are strong and durable

Whether you’re looking for heavy duty platform trucks, dolly trolleys, sack trucks or anything in between, we can expertly design and create the custom solutions you need.

Our trucks and trolleys are: 
Durable. Our trolleys are built to last.
Safe. We build our trolleys to the highest safety standards.
Custom-made. We can build them to your exact requirements.

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What are the different types of warehouse trolleys?

Warehouses need all sorts of trolleys to function, move goods around safely, and make the working day productive and safe for staff members.

Packing Benches & Stations

We design these bench workstations to be suitable for all industries and retailers – helping keep their productivity levels high and provide a safe environment for their staff. Packing benches and stations can have: 
Multiple shelves for stacking and storing
Drawers for tools
Roll support for paper or bubble wrap

Packing Benches & Stations
Flatbed Trolleys

Flatbed trolleys are a simple but incredibly effective tool in the transportation of goods around workplaces including warehouses, factories, and more. These heavy duty trolleys can vary in design but predominantly have:  
A flat surface (AKA the flatbed) on which to place or stack goods
Four wheels underneath the flatbed
A handle for the user to push

Flatbed Trolleys
Platform Trolleys

One of the most common types of warehouse trolleys are platform trolleys. Our platform trucks can be made into all shapes and sizes so they are the right height for the work your team is doing.
As well as being built to withstand even the heaviest of loads, platform trolleys: 
Are usually made of a metal like steel
Have a flat deck mounted on four wheels
Have caged sides depending on the type

Platform Trolleys
Sack Trucks

Designed to swiftly and easily carry heavy and bulky sacks, these types of trucks often fold away neatly when not in use – saving valuable warehouse storage space. 
Sack trucks have an L-shaped ledge with two wheels
The ledge acts as a platform for the load
It is then tipped back during transit

Sack Trucks
Stacked metal structures

What are the different features and benefits of warehouse trolleys?

Warehouse trolleys come in all shapes and sizes –but they do have some common features. We can design and manufacture trolleys to your exact specifications.  
Range of sizes. Depending on your place of work and the sector, you may need different sizes of warehouse trolleys. We offer a great variety of options suitable for storing all types of goods. 
Durable. Our trolleys are built to last. All come fully welded with reliable construction, so you know you can rely on them.
  Wheels. Choose from a range of fixed or swivel wheels, depending on the needs of your business. 
Load bearing capacity. We can design trolleys to hold more than 1,000kg of weight. 
Safe. Everything in our workshop is meticulously inspected and held to rigorous safety standards. 
Optional mesh sides. Our trolleys can be designed with mesh sides – ideal for bulky and unevenly shaped loads.

What’s the process for purchasing bespoke warehouse trolleys from RentalSpec?

RentalSpec’s unique bespoke service is what sets us apart from other heavy duty trolley manufacturers. We value open communication and will keep you informed on the progress of your project.

Send an enquiry

You can connect with our friendly, expert team in a number of ways. Get in touch via the contact form on the link below, on our website or by phone.
Our helpful customer service team are always on hand and happy to help.

Discuss your  Discuss your     requirements

Once you have made initial contact with us, a member of our friendly team will soon be in touch to further discuss your requirements. This will be everything from materials to use, size, shapes, and your budget for the project. There’s no project too big or too small for us – we can find a solution to everyone’s needs.

Test out the     prototypes

Once we’ve ironed out the finer details, our expert team will design and manufacture a prototype version of the product. This will be delivered to your workplace for you to test it out – and you can let us know of any final adjustments you would like us to make. Once everyone is happy, we will go ahead and create the final product.

What else do we manufacture at RentalSpec?

Equipment trucks and trolleys are just the tip of the iceberg – we design and manufacture all sorts of manual handling solutions including:

Gas Cylinders

Gas cylinders are heavy and contain flammable substances.
Gas cylinder trolleys make light work of these heavy objects and can carry ones of different sizes.

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A Frame Trolleys

These trolleys are specifically designed to effortlessly move glass panels and other sheet materials such as wood and various metals.

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Stillages usually have sides made from solid sheet metal or wire mesh. They work like cages and can either be on wheels to be transported, or are static and used for storage.

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Find out more about the types of picking trolleys we can create for your business.

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Gas Cylinder Trolleys