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What are warehouse trolleys and why do we need them?

It is a truth universally acknowledged that working in warehouses is intensive, but having effective warehouse handling solutions can help your team work more safely and efficiently.

Warehouse trolleys come in all shapes and sizes and can be used for transporting goods of all types. From pallet trucks, to dolly trolleys and everything in between RentalSpec can design and manufacture the solutions that you need.

We’re proud to have been creating unbeatable bespoke handling solutions for over a decade. We’re different from other manufacturers too, everything we make is produced in the UK right down to the materials. That means no long delays waiting for parts, and you get your product swiftly. Our team will work with you every step of the way on your project, as we want to ensure your products suit your requirements.

Our team has a specialised background in CAD (computer-aided design) technology which helps to speed up the development process. We are well versed in many types of manufacturing techniques and work with a huge selection of materials including steel, zinc and copper.

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What are the different types of warehouse trolleys?

We know that every warehouse has different needs, requiring  equipment trolleys of every size, shape and weight. Here are some of the most common types of industrial warehouse trolleys that we can design and create for you.

Gas Cylinder Trolleys

We manufacture durable gas cylinder trolleys, otherwise known as gas bottle trolleys. They’re a vital piece of safety equipment: if gas bottles are incorrectly handled whilst being transported they can risk being damaged. Large bottles are also incredibly heavy, so these types of trolleys make work safer and easier for your team.

Gas Cylinder Trolleys
Flatbed Trolleys

Flatbed trolleys are a simple but incredibly effective tool in the transportation of goods around workplaces including warehouses, factories and more. These heavy duty trolleys can vary in design but predominantly have a flat surface (AKA the flatbed) on which to place or stack the goods, four wheels underneath and a handle for the user to push it.

Flatbed Trolleys
Platform Trucks

One of the most common types of warehouse trolleys are platform trolleys. Usually made of a metal like steel , they have a flat deck mounted on four wheels and can have caged sides depending on the type. Our platform trucks can be made into all shapes and sizes so they are the right height for the work your team are doing,  and built to withstand even the heaviest of loads.

Platform Trucks
Sack Trucks

Move bulky items quickly and safely with one of our industrial sack trucks. We use high quality materials to ensure the user feels comfortable operating them. They have large ergonomic handles to promote comfort and control whilst in use, and what’s more they fold away neatly saving you precious space in your warehouse.

Sack Trucks
Stacked metal structures

Why choose RentalSpec to design and manufacture your next project?

All of our warehouse handling solutions are expertly designed and created by our expert in-house team. We don’t outsource anything, from labour to parts - everything is based in the UK meaning you get high quality products swiftly and for a fair price.

No project is too big or too small for us, we love putting our skills to use on all types of projects. If you require a specific product for a certain use, we will always make sure you’re part of the process so that you get exactly what you want.

We prioritise customer service and high quality products, that’s what RentalSpec customers love about us. We will involve you in the design process every step of the way right through from the design process to the manufacture of your product or products.

What’s the process for purchasing bespoke warehouse trolleys from RentalSpec?

RentalSpec’s unique bespoke service is what sets us apart from other heavy duty trolley manufacturers. We value open communication and will keep you informed on the progress of your project.

Let us know you’d like to work with us

Firstly, thank you for choosing RentalSpec! We value each and every one of our clients and love working on projects big and small. Once you have decided you would like to work with us, you can get in touch online or over the phone.

Discuss your requirements

A member of our expert, friendly team will then be in touch with you to discuss your project in more detail. These details include size, shape, uses and materials. Just let us know what you need!

We’ll create the prototype

We want you to be happy with your end product, which is why we will design a prototype for you to test out at your workplace. From there, we can discuss any final adjustments that need to be made before we go ahead and create the final product.

What else do we manufacture at RentalSpec?

Warehouse trolleys aren’t the only thing we make at Rentalspec, we make a whole host of bespoke products for many industries and uses.

Industrial Trucks & Trolleys

Industrial trucks and trolleys are designed to do the heavy lifting so that you don’t have to. We make pallet trucks, which are an essential part of day to day life in the warehouse, helping you move heavy or bulky items efficiently. You can also move your goods and stock with our heavy duty platform trolleys, made with hardwearing rubber wheels and anti-friction turntables which enable you to manoeuvre round tight spots and narrow aisles with ease.

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Metal Stillages

Metal stillages are integral for storing and transporting all types of products and materials. Often made from strong metals such as steel, we can design them with extra features to suit your requirements. This can be anything from being stackable, to having hatches, locks or wheels.

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Packing Benches & Stations

People often forget about the importance of packing workstations in the manufacturing process. Suitable for all industries and retailers, we design these bench workstations, helping keep their productivity levels high and providing a safe environment for their staff.

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Find out more about the types of picking trolleys we can create for your business.

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