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Warehouse work is some of the most labour intensive work around, which is why it’s so important to have effective, long-lasting trucks and trolleys that can help your team do their job safely and efficiently.

These trucks and trolleys come in all shapes and sizes and can be made of many types of metal; we generally favour aluminium and stainless steel as they are strong and durable. Whether you’re looking for heavy duty platform trucks, dolly trolleys, sack trucks or anything in between, we can expertly design and create the solutions you need.

We’re incredibly proud to be an entirely UK-based company, having been creating expert warehouse trolleys and other material handling solutions since 1995. As we are based in the UK, this means no long delays waiting for materials or parts, and that you can be involved in the process from start to finish.

Our team will work with you throughout the entire project: our aim is to create products that will exceed your expectations, improve your workplace productivity and ultimately keep your team safe. In addition to the expert fabrication skills our team possess, we also have a specialised background in CAD (computer-aided design) technology which helps speed up the development process.

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What are the different types of warehouse trolleys?

Warehouses need all sorts of trolleys to function, move goods around safely and make the working day productive and safe for staff members.

Platform trolleys

One of the most common types of warehouse trolleys are platform trolleys. Usually made of a metal like steel , they have a flat deck mounted on four wheels and can have caged sides depending on the type. Our platform trucks can be made into all shapes and sizes so they are the right height for the work your team are doing,  and built to withstand even the heaviest of loads.

Flatbed Trolleys

Flatbed trolleys are a simple but incredibly effective tool in the transportation of goods around workplaces including warehouses, factories and more. These heavy duty trolleys can vary in design but predominantly have a flat surface (AKA the flatbed) on which to place or stack the goods, four wheels underneath and a handle for the user to push it.

Flatbed Trolleys
Turntable Trolleys

Turntable trucks have anti-friction turntables which allow for easy steering. This makes them perfect for transporting bulky loads such as building materials and other heavy items around your warehouse. RentalSpec design and manufacture these trucks and are heavy duty with durable wheels that can navigate even the most difficult of terrain.

Sack Trucks

Designed to swiftly and easily carry heavy and bulky sacks, these types of trucks often also fold away neatly when not in use so as to save valuable warehouse storage space. As bespoke sack truck manufacturers, we understand that every organisation has its individual needs and so we can design them to suit whatever load they are to be used for.

Sack Trucks

Why choose RentalSpec to design your bespoke warehouse trucks and trolleys?

At RentalSpec we take pride in our work: every single product that leaves our warehouse is meticulously designed and manufactured by us. We have been creating incredible quality warehouse solutions including heavy duty trucks since 1995, so it’s safe to say that we know what we are doing.

We are a completely UK based business right down to the materials we source, meaning you are completely involved in the process from beginning to end. This also means you will experience no delays receiving your product, as we don’t need to wait for overseas deliveries of materials or parts.

Working with RentalSpec means that you are in complete control of your product, we want to ensure you get the final piece that exceeds your expectations and helps your team work even more effectively. Whether you’re looking for platform trucks made of stainless steel, aluminium, or even a folding one, we can accommodate your needs without compromising on quality. When you choose to work with RentalSpec you’re choosing high quality every time, and our expert team will be more than happy to talk to you about your needs.

What’s the process for purchasing bespoke products from RentalSpec?

Getting new equipment for your warehouse doesn’t have to be a headache; we do the hard work so you don’t have to. Each and every customer is just as important to us, and our unique, bespoke service will ensure the process is as smooth as possible for you.

Send an enquiry

You can get in touch with our friendly, expert team in a number of ways. Either get in touch via the contact form on our website or over the phone, and let us know that you would like to work with us.

Discuss your requirements

Once you have made the initial contact with us, a member of our friendly team will soon be in touch to further discuss your requirements. This will be everything from materials to use, size, shapes and your budget for the project. There’s no project too big or too small for us, we’re happy to work with you whatever your needs.

Test out the prototypes

Once we have ironed out the finer details, our expert team will design and manufacture a prototype version of the product. This will be delivered to your workplace for you to test it out, and you can let us know of any final adjustments you would like us to make. Once everyone is happy, we will go ahead and create the final product for you to use.

What else do we manufacture?

We’re experts at creating all types of material handling equipment, in addition to packing benches and stations.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal fabrication emcompasses a large range of skills and techniques to create versatile products. Our expert team are highly trained in a large variety of fabrication techniques including welding, bending and forming, which gives them the freedom to create the products you want with ease.

Sheet metal fabrication services
Metal Stillages

Metal stillages are integral for storing and transporting all types of products and materials. Often made from strong metals such as steel, we can design them with extra features to suit your requirements. This can be anything from being stackable, to having hatches, locks or wheels.

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Packing Benches & Stations

People often forget about the importance of packing workstations in the manufacturing process. Suitable for all industries and retailers, we design these bench workstations, helping keep their productivity levels high and providing a safe environment for their staff.

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