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Platform trucks can be found in warehouses across the world: the design is essentially a platform with wheels.

They are used in many other settings such as factories and building sites to securely transport and store heavy and bulky items. Good quality platform trucks can transform the lives of your team, making their work day safer and more efficient.

A great platform truck needs to be durable to withstand heavy loads and use and are often made from metals such as stainless steel. A typical platform truck has a simple flat deck  to load the items onto, and a large looped handle on one side. They also need to be able to safely hold items during transit, and so many come with mesh sides. For easy steering, many platform trucks come with turntables in order to navigate tight corners.

Here at RentalSpec we are proud to design and manufacture only the highest quality custom platform trucks. As we offer a fantastic bespoke service, we are happy to cater to your requirements to create trucks of any shape and size, making your team’s working lives safer and more productive. Our trucks can incorporate any number of additional features including different wheels, mesh sides and shelving.

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What are the three common variants of platform trucks?

Platform trucks can be used for a variety of jobs across all sorts of industries. There are a number of common varieties, all of which we can create at RentalSpec according to your business requirements.

Turntable Platform Truck

Turntable platform trucks feature anti-friction turntables that enable easy steering. That makes this type of platform truck ideal for navigating tight corners and narrow aisles in places such as warehouses. Our turntables trucks are designed to withstand loads of up to 1000kg and can effectively move bulky items such as building materials and tools.

Garden Platform Truck

Many types of trucks struggle across uneven terrain, but not these. Garden trucks have hard-wearing puncture proof wheels that can take on everything from mud to gravel and grass. This makes them ideal for moving heavy and bulky items across rough and uneven ground. They are perfect for festivals and other camping scenarios, in addition to moving gardening equipment. The four mesh sides and mesh base keep your items safe and our trucks can carry loads of up to 500kg, saving you valuable time and effort wherever you are.

High Side Platform Truck

Move and store large amounts of goods with a high side platform truck. Our high side trucks come with three fixed sides and one removable side to make loading and unloading a breeze. As the sides are mesh, you can easily see the items inside which makes life much easier for your team as they can see the items they need without having to sort through the whole contents of the platform truck. Our high side trucks are designed with large looped steering handles to make life even easier for the operator.

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What are the different features of platform trucks and what are their benefits for material handling?

Handling heavy and bulky goods day to day can be a strain on the body. Heavy duty platform trucks are designed with a variety of features to enable the smooth movement of these items, minimising the physical impact on the operator. Every single truck that leaves our workshop is designed and manufactured to the highest standards to ensure they stand the test of time.

Different Shapes and Sizes: Shelves, Solid Sides, Drop Down Sides

These trucks are designed to move heavy loads easily, but platform trucks can come with other features which make day to day duties even easier. They can be designed with shelves which are ideal for retail environments where items need to be picked and packed quickly. They can also have drop down sides which make unloading and loading even easier for the user. Platform trucks can also be designed to have the right work height for your team to lessen the strain on their backs.

Wheels: All Terrain, Three Wheels, Two Wheels

As we mentioned earlier, these trucks can be designed with different types of wheels depending on what they will be used for. The placement and type of wheel can be varied to ensure the truck is suitable for the terrain it is used on and the type of jobs it is needed to do.

Other Features: Folding, Light Weight, Industrial, Heavy Duty

We want your team to work as effectively and safely as possible, so we are happy to incorporate all sorts of other features into the design of your platform trucks to ensure you are completely satisfied. Many clients want lightweight or folding platform trolleys to enable them to be transported or stored while not in use. Others want incredibly heavy duty platform trolleys which can take even the heaviest of loads.

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Example Product: Two Tier Turntable Truck

This heavy duty pull along trolley is the perfect all-weather product for transporting your goods. It is a long truck, supplied with a heavy duty PVC cover that is waterproof and covers the entire truck when fastened into place. The two shelves in the truck enable easy storage and items can be divided up by type or size. If the truck needs to go off road that’s no issue as the industrial puncture proof wheels mean it can take on all sorts of terrain from grass to gravel. These trucks are used in all sorts of industries from events and videography to building and maintenance sectors.

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What else do we manufacture?

We’re experts at creating all types of material handling equipment.

Dollys and Pallet Skates

Pallet skates are effectively flat boards with wheels and are designed to effortlessly transport pallets of all different loads. They are ideal for moving heavy machinery safely and efficiently around the workplace.

These products can be used in all sorts of environments, from removal companies to hospitals and retail warehouses.

Bespoke Dollys & Pallet Skates
Flatbed Trolleys

Flatbed trolleys are a simple but incredibly effective tool in the transportation of goods around workplaces including warehouses, factories and more. These heavy duty trolleys can vary in design but predominantly have a flat surface (AKA the flatbed) on which to place or stack the goods, four wheels underneath and a handle for the user to push it.

Bespoke Flatbed Trolleys
Sack Trucks

Designed to swiftly and easily carry heavy and bulky sacks, these types of trucks often also fold away neatly when not in use so as to save valuable warehouse storage space. As bespoke sack truck manufacturers, we understand that every organisation has its individual needs and so we can design them to suit whatever load they are to be used for.

Bespoke Sack Trucks
Packing Benches

People often forget about the importance of packing workstations in the manufacturing process. Suitable for all industries and retailers, we design these bench workstations, helping keep their productivity levels high and providing a safe environment for their staff.

Bespoke Packing Stations