Gas Cylinder Trolleys

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As an employer, you’ll want to make your employees' lives as safe and productive as possible. This includes investing in high quality manual handling equipment. Gas bottle trolleys are a vital piece of equipment for many types of workplaces including factories, warehouses and medical settings such as hospitals and doctor’s surgeries. Whether you’re needing to transport CO2, LPG or other types of gas such as nitrogen or oxygen, having the right kind of cylinder trolley is vital to your employees safety.

A great gas cylinder trolley needs to be able to do a number of things. Gas cylinders need to be kept upright whilst being stored and in transit. They also need to be safely secured so they do not fall over at any point while being moved. They unequivocally cannot be dropped or damaged as they often store dangerous, flammable liquids (for example propane) which can cause serious harm.

RentalSpec creates high quality gas cylinder trolleys which can help your team move these heavy, bulky objects safely from one place to another. As our service is completely bespoke, we can design trolleys for all sizes and types of gas bottles from B to D and everything in between. We can also incorporate all sorts of accessories and other aspects including creating trolleys for climbing stairs.

No matter what kind of trolley, truck or other manual handling solution you need, RentalSpec can help. Our expert team has been honing their skills in manufacturing and design since 1995, so you’re in safe hands when you work with us. We are also equipped with the latest CAD (computer-aided design) technology which assists us in creating only the best quality designs. As we are entirely based in the UK right down to the parts and materials we source, we can offer fair prices and no long delays from overseas.

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What are three common variants of gas cylinder trolleys?

Much like gas cylinders themselves, gas cylinder trolleys come in all shapes and sizes to ensure the safe transportation of the many types of gas.

Medical Gas Cylinder Trolley

Medical gas bottle trolleys have been specifically designed for easily moving oxygen bottles and other types of gases used in healthcare. This makes them ideal for places such as doctor’s surgeries, hospitals and other medical settings. RentalSpec’s range of medical cylinder trolleys are all fitted with durable, rubber wheels which mean they can take on all sorts of terrain while still ensuring the gas bottles remain safe while in transit.

Twin Gas Cylinder Trolleys

Sometimes there is a need to transport multiple cylinders at one time. Twin gas cylinder trolleys can safely transport trolleys across all sorts of locations from workshops to factory floors and warehouses. RentalSpec designs our trolleys with secure features such as adjustable safety chains to keep the bottles fastened to the trolleys during transportation.

Three Wheel Gas Cylinder Trolley

Three wheel trolleys are designed to take the heaviest gas bottles. The third wheel at the back of the trolley helps take the weight of the bottle and minimises strain on the user. Each trolley will typically have a large toe plate to take the bottle and multiple safety chains to secure the cylinder in place. RentalSpec design trolleys with ergonomic rubber hand grips to make them as comfortable as possible for the user.

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What are the different features of a gas bottle trolley and what are their benefits for material handling?

Handling gas cylinders day to day can be difficult and hard on the body. Investing in high quality gas bottle trolleys make your team’s lives easier, safer and more efficient. Each of RentalSpec’s trolleys have been meticulously designed with different features to ensure they are as effective as possible.

Different Bottle Shapes and Sizes: O2 bottles, Propane, D Size, B Size, LPG, Acetylene

Gas bottles come in all shapes and sizes depending on what's inside them. Industrial gas cylinders are often made of aluminium or stainless steel and can carry compressed gases such as O2, CO2 and helium. Many of us will have seen or handled LPG gas bottles, liquified petroleum gas. They are used in workplaces for cooking and heating and also for domestic purposes such as for camping stoves. Small oxygen cylinder trolleys are often used in residential settings such as private residences and nursing homes. This variety of contents means bottles come in different weights and diameters.

Wheels: All Terrain, Three Wheels, Two Wheels

As gas is used in all sorts of settings, this means these potentially dangerous substances need to be transported with the utmost care. If bottles are damaged in transit they can cause serious harm to the user and anyone in the vicinity. Having durable, solid wheels allows the user to transport these objects with confidence across all sorts of terrains including uneven surfaces such as gravel.

Other Features: Foldable, Light Weight, Industrial, Heavy Duty

Just as there are many types of gas and gas bottles, so each user has their own separate needs. Single oxygen cylinders need to be transported easily across residential areas, or large commercial amounts moved from lorries into warehouses or factories. The sizes and shapes can be adjusted accordingly with the user in mind, as it is of the utmost importance that gas cylinders aren’t damaged while being transported. For example, trolleys can be designed to be foldable when not in use so they can be stored easily.

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Example Product: Twin Oxygen Acetylene Lift-able Gas Cylinder Tri Trolley

Sometimes trolleys need to be lifted by more than just people, which is why we have designed our industrial liftable gas cylinder trolley. It has an anchor point at the top to allow it to be easily lifted by crane, ideal for transporting across building sites or similar. Whilst being lifted, you’ll want to be sure that the cylinders are securely attached to the trolley. There are three anchor points which when used in conjunction with the strap provided, keep the bottles securely in place. When being wheeled by hand, it has a third wheel at the rear which helps take the additional strain from the user and increases stability.

Spray painting metal

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What else do we manufacture?

We’re experts at creating all types of material handling equipment.

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These products can be used in all sorts of environments, from removal companies to hospitals and retail warehouses.

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