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Pallet skates and dolly trolleys are versatile pieces of equipment that every warehouse should own. They are used to transport large, bulky or long items around a workplace with ease. They can be used to move heavy items too, as they ares trong pieces of equipment despite being small in size. 

RentalSpec’s heavy duty dolly trolleys (otherwise known as dolly carts) can be used for all sorts of items including beams, drums, furniture and other items. Traditionally, dolly skates are used for large low level loads which would otherwise overhang a traditional style platform truck. They can be square or round depending on the type of job they are used for.  

Pallet skates are effectively flat boards with wheels and are designed to effortlessly transport pallets of all different loads. They are ideal for moving heavy machinery safely and efficiently around the workplace.  

These products can be used in all sorts of environments, from removal companies to hospitals and retail warehouses. Our high quality dolly trolleys and pallet skates are built to last. Durable and hard-wearing, they will stand the test of time and be worth the investment. At RentalSpec we use only the finest quality materials and parts that comply with stringent quality standards.

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What are three common variants of Pallet Skates & Dolly Trolleys?

These are small but mighty pieces of equipment used across warehouses every single day. They come in a variety of types, here’s just a few that we can create:

Single Tote Crate Dolly Trolley

This type of trolley is designed to carry totes, boxes and other similar shaped objects. They have robust, square metal frames that are fitted to four wheels one at each corner. Our dolly trolleys are each designed with a powder coated metal-framed angle iron, which further improves the product’s strength and durability.

Trolley Skate with Removable Handles

Trolley skates can be designed with removable handles, and are ideal for moving heavy rolls of items such as carpets or other types of flooring. Our trolley skates are typically designed with a flat metal base and four heavy duty wheels. The handles are removable to make loading and unloading easier, and can allow the trolley to be manoeuvred easily by one or two operators.

Pallet Dolly Skate

Pallet skates are used in warehouses across the globe, to store and transport heavy loads of all shapes and sizes. This can include anything from healthcare goods to heavy machines.  Therefore it’s important to be able to move them safely, which is what pallet dolly skates are for. Designed to fit the dimensions of pallets, they’re ideal for use by removal companies, hospitals, retail environments and more. Our pallet dolly skates are supplied with a choice of three or six supports.

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What are the different features of Pallet Skates and Dolly Trolleys and what are their benefits for material handling?

Pneumatic wheels

Pneumatic wheels are a popular choice for pallet skates and dolly trolleys, and consist of wheels with a metal hub and a rubber tyre mounted to it. Rather than being completely solid, the tires are filled with foam or air to a certain pressure level. They have excellent shock absorption qualities and are less noisy than other types of wheels.

Swivel wheels

For products that need to be moved around daily, swivel wheels are ideal for dollies and pallet skates. These wheels are fixed to swivel casters that allow for easy movement in every direction, and are fantastic for workplaces that have tight corners and narrow aisles. Some trolleys will have all swivel wheels but sometimes swivel and fixed wheels are combined.

Steel centre wheels

Steel is one of the most durable materials and is often used in warehouse handling solutions. Having a steel centre in the wheel of a dolly trolley or pallet skate gives it an extra level of resilience and allows it to carry heavier loads.

Non-slip long lasting rubber top

Rubber is an excellent material for tops, as it provides extra security and helps stop items slipping during transit. It’s also a fairly lightweight material and so means the trolley is easy to manoeuvre.

Weight handling

Depending on the industry you work in, your team will need to transport items of all shapes and sizes. In order to keep them and your products and materials safe, it’s important to get the right trolleys that can hold the correct amount of weight you need. We can design heavy duty dolly trolleys and pallet skates that can hold anything from 200 up to 750kg+, so your items can be moved around your workspace with confidence.

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Example Product: Panel Dolly

Our panel dolly trolley is designed to help you effortlessly transport long, heavy items such as boards and pipes. This is a small but mighty dolly, as you can transport up to 100kg worth of goods at a time. The dolly includes a non-slip rubber liner, which prevents the loads from slipping and reduces the risk of damage.

We also offer additional support handles with this particular dolly. They can be easily fitted and removed as needed, and come with PVC handles to give the operator extra grip. The heavy duty pneumatic wheels are ideal for use on all sorts of surfaces including uneven ones.

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What else do we manufacture?

We’re experts at creating all types of material handling equipment.

Platform trolleys

One of the most common types of warehouse trolleys are platform trolleys. Usually made of a metal like steel , they have a flat deck mounted on four wheels and can have caged sides depending on the type. Our platform trucks can be made into all shapes and sizes so they are the right height for the work your team are doing,  and built to withstand even the heaviest of loads.

Bespoke Platform Trolleys
Flatbed Trolleys

Flatbed trolleys are a simple but incredibly effective tool in the transportation of goods around workplaces including warehouses, factories and more. These heavy duty trolleys can vary in design but predominantly have a flat surface (AKA the flatbed) on which to place or stack the goods, four wheels underneath and a handle for the user to push it.

Bespoke Flatbed Trolleys
Sack Trucks

Designed to swiftly and easily carry heavy and bulky sacks, these types of trucks often also fold away neatly when not in use so as to save valuable warehouse storage space. As bespoke sack truck manufacturers, we understand that every organisation has its individual needs and so we can design them to suit whatever load they are to be used for.

Bespoke Sack Trucks
Packing Benches

People often forget about the importance of packing workstations in the manufacturing process. Suitable for all industries and retailers, we design these bench workstations, helping keep their productivity levels high and providing a safe environment for their staff.

Bespoke Packing Stations