Packing Benches and Stations

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What are packing benches and stations?

When people think of the manufacturing process, people often forget about the importance of packing workstations. We design these bench workstations for all sorts of industries and retailers, helping keep their productivity levels high and providing a safe environment for their staff.

Not only do well-packaged products look neater and give a better impression to customers, but packaging also provides an important layer of protection for your goods. This is especially important for delicate, breakable or expensive products such as computer parts and other electronics.

We’ve been expertly designing and creating warehouse packing stations amongst other effective handling solutions for decades. Our team is able to draw up your designs, and can also use CAD (computer-aided design) technology to aid with the development process.

We’re different from other manufacturers: we always put the customer first. We take the time to get to know you and your business’ needs, so that we can ensure we make the best possible products to help you and your team work to the best of your ability.

We are entirely based in the UK from our design and manufacturing teams, right down to the parts and materials that we use. This means that there’s no middle man between the manufacturer and you, so we can offer you competitive prices and no frustrating shipping delays.

Packing stations under construction
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What are the benefits?

Packing stations can help your work force be more efficient, safer and happier in their work.

Metal manufacture


Conventional tables aren’t built to withstand the heavy use and bulky loads, and so aren’t safe enough to use in a packing setting. Our packing workbenches are made of only the best quality, strong materials and can withstand heavy loads, this means there isn’t the risk of tables collapsing and injuring your staff.

Spray painting metal

Increases Productivity

Our packing benches and stations can be designed and adjusted to your team’s specific needs. For example, they can be made at different heights, can include extras such as shelving, drawers and cutters to help your staff pack items efficiently.

Stacked metal structures


Warehouse work can be incredibly tough on the body, but ergonomic packing stations can help as they can reduce unnecessary twists, turns and bends that your team may otherwise have to do. This makes for a more comfortable working environment, and a happier team.

Welding a metal structure

Space Saving

By nature, packing table benches are incredibly compact and so your team will be able to complete a variety of packing tasks including cutting, taping and boxing in a small space. This both saves energy for your workers and allows you to maximise the space in your workplace, which all contributes to the overall productivity of your company day to day.

Welding a roll cage

Why choose RentalSpec for your packing benches and stations?

There are so many choices for workstation manufacturers, so why should you choose RentalSpec over others? We’ve been designing and creating incredible manual handling solutions for decades, so we are perfectly suited to assisting you with your needs.

Unlike other manufacturers, we are based entirely in the UK right down to the parts and materials we use. This means we can fully integrate you with the team, keep you updated on the process and involve you every step of the way. There’s no middle man, no shipping delays and no inflated prices.

We believe in honest and open communication and are committed to top quality customer service. We will be available to answer any questions you may have and ensure the final product is delivered on time and exactly as you want it.

So you’ve decided to work with Rentalspec: How does the process work?

We are so happy you have chosen RentalSpec to create your bespoke packing benches for your warehouse. Our award-winning service puts you, the customer first so that you will end up with a product or products that exceed your expectations.

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Discuss your requirements

Once you’ve submitted your initial enquiry, we will get back to you to further discuss the details of your proposed project. These include specifications such as size, materials, your budget and the quantity you desire.

Test out prototypes

Once we have all the details of your project, our team will design and create a prototype for you to test out at your workplace. This means you can let us know if we need to make any final adjustments, and once everyone is satisfied we will create the final product for you.

What else do we manufacture?

We’re experts at creating all types of material handling equipment, in addition to packing benches and stations.

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