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Engineered solutions for a changing world

Design and fabrication in steel for the engineering and construction industries.


Good design cannot be successful unless manufacturing costs and production issues are properly considered. At RentalSpec we will provide access to:

* Experienced (UK based) manufacturing team
* A network of International manufacturing and supply partners
* A network of established (hire product) experts
* A complete end to end solution
* Competitive (UK based) production costs

Design & Manufacture

As experienced designers AND manufacturers, we have the experience and knowledge to take your ideas from the page right through to production. We have access to the latest CAD technology and with our fully equipped, modern factory we can produce rapid prototypes for appraisal and analysis. Radically cutting the time to market for new products and providing swift evaluation and testing prior to production.

Product Introduction.

Product Introduction.

When we develop products for our customers, we do so in complete partnership. We’ll help with all aspects of getting to market, such as:

* Developing sales channels ( national and international)
* Marketing Strategy & Launch (including on-line and social media)
* Establishing exclusive joint ventures
* Developing Own Branding
* Stocking & Distribution
* After-sales support


At Rentalspec we can help with turning good ideas into reality by:

* Discussing your product ideas
* Appraising market potential
* Understanding any design & patent issues
* Developing drawings & production estimates
* Providing rapid prototypes
A* ccessing a wide network of product design expertise