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With a background in material handling manufacture we design our own product ranges and strive to offer improved solutions to those currently available. Providing products with increased capacity, functionality, ease of maintenance or simply just a better overall cost.

UK based, materials handling specialist engineers, fabricators and product designers.

Our solar expertise ranges from complete Solar roofs (in conjunction with for self-powering off-grid homes and offices. Using PV technology in pop-up solar farms and even in individual work locations for localised, green power for work units and staff accommodation.

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Our unique 1.5kWh batteries are designed to operate at up to 95% depth of discharge over 5,000 duty cycles, which means you get over 7000kWh before they require refreshing, which can be achieved with a recycling rate that uses over 40% of the original materials.

Telephone  0845 900 5774

Design and manufacture

Rentalspecare a multidisciplinary engineering company, with experience in Design, Fabrication and more recently renewable energy. We’ve built our reputation on delivering innovative, flexible and sturdy products that work – and last!

From trolleys to stillages and shelving, we’ve got the manual and materials handling market covered (see More recently we expanded into structural steelwork, designing and fabricating the exoskeleton frames for Zedpods ( . We capped all this off with expertise in patented switching and battery technology for the renewable energy market, to find out more about this remarkable step-change in our evolution see .

But our core market remains, supplying the UK Hire industry with products they can hire again and again to generate repeat income. Solid, reliable and sturdy, our UK made Trolleys, trucks and stillages appeal on every level.

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